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Luna Park

Exciting business strategy, in which you build your own park.
Category: Business
Size: 67.17Mb

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Music free music site, where you can download new music Dj TFK-KOS, games and more a torrent.

Young and adventurous girl named Polly Diamond has suddenly inherited an old amusement park. Anyone else would have sold it for pennies, but for Polly the park was a real godsend. Nothing is so stirred her imagination, like amusement parks. From an early age she loved madly riding a carousel and roller coaster. So she will manage to do all of the forgotten park real empire of entertainment! Work to be much, but because this is what she had dreamed all his life.

The mechanics of this business strategy is much like the legendary game "Build-a-ka." You have to buy the necessary materials, hire workers, buy new attractions drawings and fully manage the construction process. Land next to Luna Park is often sold, so do not miss the opportunity to buy new parts. On them you can build rides and cafes that will bring you extra income.

At each stage of the game you need to perform a certain task. In most cases it is the construction of several buildings or achieving the desired level of income. Sometimes this would be very difficult, so be prepared for severe test of your economic abilities.

In the game you will find 54 exciting levels, divided into six episodes, and two game modes. Mode "Career" implies certain tasks, whereas in the free mode, you can build anything your heart desires. Rather, begin to build, help Polly realize her childhood dream!

Category: Business
Size: 67.17Mb

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